Monday, June 13, 2011

Calling all occupations

Most people think that to be a missionary you need to have a certain occupation, such as something in the medical field, a teaching degree, or training as a pastor, for example. However, there are many more occupations that are needed on the mission field. Let me give you a few examples of the type of occupations we could use here, and currently lack:
Craftsman: We have wood here, and make much of the furniture we have here. The wood is also used to make repairs to existing structures such as ceilings, doors, window frames, and many other things. 
Handyman: Anywhere from electrical to plumbing, we could use someone full time. Much of the things you can buy here are not high quality, and so are consistently needing repair. We could also use someone to teach the Congolese workers here how to properly do the electrical and plumbing work.
Information Technology: From maintaining our wireless satellite internet to teaching people how to use their computers effectively (especially those who did not grow up using a computer), we could use someone to help us out!
Administrative: A hospital is a business, not just a place for healthcare, and thus there are many administrative functions that have to be accomplished. Invoices, accounts payable, and many other administrative tasks constantly overwhelm our few administrative employees. In addition, the government is consistently asking for more reports-from statistics on TB and HIV patients, admissions, discharges and deaths, as well as maternal morbidity and mortality, we could use someone to put these reports together for us. Currently it is the nurses and physicians who put these together, which takes away time from helping patients. 
In addition to the above, we could use people in pastoral and healthcare professions. Nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dentists, persons to perform health education, and physicians of all specialties are needed. No matter if you can come for 3 weeks or several months, the time here is helpful to us.  
So, if you are interested in coming here to help, drop me a line, and I’ll give you some more details. If you know of a mission or hospital in another country, email someone there to find out if you can help. Don’t think you can’t help just because you aren’t a doctor or nurse or teacher. There are many more opportunities than you realize are available. If traveling is not for you, but you want to sponsor those who are overseas, then you can help in several ways:
Support me, through World Medical Mission (instructions are on the right of this webpage)
Support the hospital through Global Outreach Mission here
Support our missionaries here (look for the ones serving in Congo, then click on 'Donate' and follow instructions from there)
We have five African missionaries from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Siko and Delphine Bambema and Melanie Madinga and Domain and Patience Fuka). They have a much harder time raising support than their American/European counterparts. Please prayerfully consider helping them. You can do so through the link above. 

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