Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ah, the eve of my 30th birthday. Such a momentous event. Good-bye roaring twenties. At times I will miss you, but I enjoy the growing wisdom and life progress that age has brought me. After all, 15 years ago I thought I'd never be a doctor-that time seemed so far off. And now, I'm a Family Medicine doctor (hopefully soon board certified!). Ten years ago I thought getting into medical school would be quite a feat, was worried about taking the MCAT and passing my Genetics course with Dr. Buratovich. Five years ago I was in medical school getting ready for fourth year medical school, interviews and my two month elective in Eldoret, Kenya.

What will I be doing five years from now? I do not know. I do know my tentative plans for the next few years. (Tentative because God can change them at any time). I will be leaving to study French at a language school in Switzerland in early September (classes start on the 6th), and returning in mid-december. I'll then leave for Republic of Congo in January, hopefully with a week or so stop in Cameroon to see some friends on the way. I'll be in Congo for two years (hopefully home once or twice in there). After that-its all in the air. Perhaps I'll come here and work for a while. Perhaps I'll find a missionary sending organization and stay in Africa. I'm just going to take it one step at a time.

Goodbyes (belated posting)

June has been a month full of good-byes, and July and August will have more.  I said good bye to my furniture and many other belongings on June 2, when the movers came and took it all to the storage unit. I said good bye to my house  and neighbors on June 16th, when I closed on my house. I said another set of goodbyes this last friday at work, then more at graduation. Due to this an some other things going on, June has been an exhausting month. This summer there are so many more things to do, friends and family to visit, and good byes to be said. I have a list of projects to get done this summer...if I get even half of them done, I'll be glad.

There are also some hello's-greeting the new owners of my house, meeting a man in my neighborhood who works as a peacemaker and has been to Congo before. Hello to vacation and no pager, no inbox to check, no notes to write. Hello to summer, to my parents pool, and to spending time with my family.

So HELLO summer!