Saturday, July 16, 2011

My first birthday!

That is, my first birthday in Congo. Tuesday, (July 12th, go mark your calendars) I celebrated my 31st birthday. It's not the first time I've been away from my family for my birthday, nor the farthest I've been away, but definitely the first time won't see them within a few weeks of my birthday.

My flowers-the hibiscus were
open at the time I received
It started off in the morning with Sarah (a missionary who lives in the apartment adjoining mine) brought me in a card and some fresh picked flowers-some local wildflowers and some hibiscus. They were beautiful. Then I joined Anna at the market for some much needed shopping. I hadn't been to the market in several weeks, which means I was low on canned goods and fresh produce. (Fortunately sometimes the store comes to me-people come selling fruit on my doorstep.)  We also took a little detour through the fabric area...I may have bought several more pagnes (6 ft bolts of material), and a pre-made outfit for myself that I saw on the way out of the market. Anna had told a few of the shopkeepers it was my birthday, and so I received felicitations from them as we went through the market. One even gave me a pineapple as a gift!

Me, my new 'birthday suit', and cake from Claire 
The afternoon kicked off with lunch with the Harvey's, and a beautifully decorated cake that Claire made for me. It was DELICIOUS! I opened a few gifts there, and showed off my cards I received from my family (they were sent with some visitors who came from the US). Then, it was off to the hospital for some planned Skype time. I spoke with my parents, sisters, and my brother's family.
Demonstrating my new Kindle from my
A painting I received from the Harvey's
Candid's what happens when
you give your camera to someone else...
   Then I headed over to the Wegners for dinner, visiting with the Wegner family and a family of newly arrived missionaries, and more cake. It was a wonderful day I was able to spend with friends and family.


mom said...

Just read this and saw the pictures. Our video on your birthday did not do justice to you or your new birthday suit. I like it. Glad you had people to be with to celebrate. I think you celebrated better than I do for mine. Wonder if you got the rest of the things I sent. I got the things that got sent to NY instead of here. So now I can give them out here.

Carol said...

Laura, I hope you are well, just busy. Keep checking the Blog no updates. I keep you in prayer.
His Blessings.
Carol Shank