Monday, March 19, 2012

Wish List

Several of you have asked what kinds of things I’d like, or need, or want, for me or for the hospital. Since you only know if I tell you, I decided to make a list, of things I’d like, and things the hospital would like. If you can help in providing some of them, please let me know! If I’m going to see you while home, you can give it to me then. If not, I can send you my parents home address, and you can send it there. Also, for ideas of things to send in a package to me (via other short term missionaries who are coming), see things with a star.

For the hospital:
Rewetting eye drops (either in little bottles or in individual bullet packs) 
Reading glasses, strengths -1.5, -1, +1, +1.5
Anti-biotic eye drops (for any of my optho friends who can hook me up with some samples)
Sharp mayo or metzenbaum scissors (ours are rather dull)
Alice clamps that clamp
Bladders for blood pressure cuffs (the rubber breaks down quickly in the heat)
Mesher (for skin grafts)
Colored electrical tape (I’d like to label our instrument sets so our ladies organize them better, and things get into the right set.)
Gynecologic surgery atlas
Suture, size 0, chromic, vicryl, or prolene, on either taper or cutting needles

For me:
Powdered sugar*
Chocolate chips*
Drink flavorings (such as Crystal Light)* (my favorite is grape)*
Cake decorations (sprinkles, etc)*
Silicone baking sheets (the things you put in the bottom of the cookie pan to keep it from sticking) (I have two small ones someone left me in Impfondo, but I’d like two for my large sheet pans, because they are most useful for baking)
Two medium sized rubbermaid food storage containers (for storing cookies or muffins; they don’t have to be rubbermaid, but they do need to seal well because ants can get into the tiniest places, and we have some really tiny ants.)
Ziploc baggies*
Benedryl cream or spray*
Thread of various colors (you can buy it there, but the quality isn’t great)*
Ribbon (for sewing and making cards)*
Stamping and jewelry making supplies*
Fingernail polish (esp the ones with small tips for making designs)*
Thread (for sewing, all-purpose is fine. they sell thread there but it breaks easily in the machine)
Dried fruits*

I'm sure there are other things. Perhaps others from the hospital will post if there are other supplies we'd like. I know there are, just can't think of them off-hand.

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