Saturday, September 4, 2010


My luggage-there is still another suitcase not in the picture.

For all of you wanting to know, I made it safely to Switzerland. Unfortunately, I currently feel 30+ hrs post-call, with that wonderful queasy stomach feel one gets when overtired and awake far too long. Sleep on the plane was difficult at best, but I did get in a few hours. I am blessed to have one piece of luggage not make it through to Zurich. It will be sent to Neuchatel via train or post. I say I am blessed because I do not know how I would have made it through the airport with one additional piece of luggage. I would have needed a second cart, which would have been impossible to make it onto the elevators needed to get to the train. 
Having literally thrown my luggage onto the train just before it left the station, it took a few minutes to really take 
a look around as the train pulled out of the station. My first realization was not the scenery (which wasn’t spectacular at first due to industrial appearing buildings), but that I was sitting in first class on a second class ticket. My prayers have been answered, however, and my ticket was just checked and nothing mentioned about sitting in the wrong class. Whew. I did not want to move my luggage. Now I can enjoy the scenery. 

Would you like to hear a description? There are houses, trees, cows, buildings, electricity lines, hills, cars, busses, etc. Sounds like the US, eh? Ha ha. They all do have a Swiss/European flair to them (well, maybe just the man made things.)  Perhaps a picture would do better justice.
View from the train
View from my window
I've now met Hermine (pronounced er-meen), the woman I will be living with for the next three months. She is quite nice, has a wonderful flat with a great view of the lake. Tomorrow I will take a walk to explore things a bit more, and share a few pictures of my surroundings. From what I understand, there is another woman here taking French courses that just arrived today, as well as several others who have been here for a few months. One is leaving tomorrow. Apparently there are quite a few who come here for language training with Wycliffe Bible Institute. 

Oh, I almost forgot the best part-there was a box of Swiss chocolate waiting for me on my bedstand on my arrival. Fantastic! Tres Magnifique!

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