Saturday, September 4, 2010

Leaving on a Jet plane

I knew leaving my family would be difficult, but I did not imagine just how difficult that would be. Add that to the stress of packing and trying to spend time with them the last week before leaving, and you’ve got an emotional overload in the making. I’m thankful to all my friends and family who have  been praying for me during this time. I really needed the prayers, and could still use them. 
For those fellow PRP fellows, packing and saying good bye are the hardest things to do. I was trying to finish up the last of my packing Thursday night when I hit a wall. A brick wall, head on, full force. I could no longer function. As I lay on the floor sobbing, my mom came and prayed with me. She, my dad and my sister helped me to complete my packing before heading to bed for a few brief hours. In total (for my final destination of Congo) I have 6 trunks (possibly 7 by the time a few things get rearranged), two duffles, a suitcase, a carry on suitcase, a backpack, and my camera. However, I only have two of the trunks with me currently. How the rest get to Congo is yet to be determined but there are several ideas, contingent on a few things. They will get there. The other pieces of luggage contain mostly things for Switzerland-its difficult to pack for three seasons. (late summer, fall, and winter).  

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