Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After such a rough day yesterday, spent on the phone, writing emails, and waiting for news from people at Samaritan's Purse, I finally have a new itinerary for wednesday for the same flights I was to be on yesterday. It didn't cost much more to change the flights, which is a blessing.

Today I went to the airport to put more money in the lockers where I was keeping my bags, and pay for my excess baggage. If you pay in advance, you can get a 20% discount. So this morning I spent 32 CHF in coins to save the lockers for another 24 hours, ate breakfast, met an interesting man from Chicago area who is a musician here to play a concert in southern Switzerland, and proceeded to go pay for my baggage. Guess who was there waiting for me? The same ticket agent as yesterday. Yippee! He was very polite today, and actually kind. I waited patiently while he went through the process of whatever he had to do on the computer for me to pay for my bags (playing solitaire on my iphone helped pass the time; I decided it was a little less frustrating than Angry Birds, since I just need to get three stars on all levels now. =) He actually discounted a little more for the overweight baggage than usual! 

After paying for the bags, he told me I could go over to the ticket kiosk, check in, and bring my bags up and check them in right then and there. J'avais en imposé! I was shocked! (You mean I could have just brought these here on sunday after I arrived on the train and checked them in then? That would have been wonderful to know!) Never would I have thought that I could bring luggage and check it in up to 20 hours before the flight. It's simply unheard of in the US in recent years.  So, I checked in, traversed back to the train station, got my baggage, and checked it. I have one more piece of baggage to check tomorrow, but I no longer have to worry about getting the four big pieces of luggage out tomorrow morning. Hallelujah! 

So overall, je suis très content. I'm happy. It's been nice to have this extra day in Zurich to relax a little before leaving. I was able to write a letter I meant to write before I left. My luggage is paid for and checked, I do not have to worry about it tomorrow. I'll still get to Congo before the flight from Brazzaville to Impfondo. I got to video skype with my sister-in-law one last time before I left, an opportunity I wouldn't have had otherwise. And last but not least, it lets my dad worry less to know I'm waiting here in Zurich and not in Brazzaville. =) I feel blessed. 

Thank you all for your prayers, and your continued prayer support. They have definitely helped me through this situation! Je suis beni! I am blessed!!

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