Sunday, March 6, 2011

Off campus

Today was the first day since I arrived in Impfondo that I have left the mission compound. I went to church this morning with the Harvey’s-this meant about 10 kids in the back of the truck, and three adults up front. Most of the songs they sang were translations of english hymns, so I could follow along. The service was in French and Lingala. I must admit, it was difficult to follow, even though I had been able to understand the sermons in French in Neuchâtel before I left. However, I was able to introduce myself in French to the congregation. After the service I met several other of the missionaries and a few people who work at the hospital.
For lunch I went to Stephen and Anna’s (Stephen is an EM/Peds doc here, he and his wife have three kids). It was a fun time getting to know them a little bit more. Their kids are fun, too, and had fun telling me about their current cats, Mr. Spots and Coyote, as well as their former cats that just didn’t make it. (Some disappeared.)
Now I’ve come back and taken a nap, and I’m working on writing a little something before I go over to the Harvey’s for Sunday Night Live, a praise and worship service. I believe I’ll be sharing my testimony. It’s good thing I’ve had practice sharing it several times while in Switzerland, so I already have an idea of what to say. 
Yesterday I was invited to a David and Brenda’s for dinner. They have a pet monkey!!! It’s a bit of a long story on how they ended up with a pet monkey, but let’s just say it wasn’t initially a welcome addition to the family. He was in his cage most of the time I was there because apparently he tends to fling poo at strangers. I was thankful he was left in the cage. =) David roasts his own coffee beans, so I had a delicious cup of fresh roasted coffee last night. He even gave me some ground beans for me to have at my home! Mmmmm. So much better than instant coffee. David and Brenda shared more about the hospital last night, as well of a little of their history of what brought them here. We played some games after dinner. I was a little slow on the draw last night, but it was still fun. David and Brenda also provided me with some initial food provisions, so now I can fix a few things at my place. I really appreciate their generosity!
Tomorrow I will get a tour of the hospital, and start work on my papers for a driver’s license. Tuesday I start learning how to drive a manual transmission. I think the plan is to teach me on the truck that all the gears work. One of them is hard to get into second, I believe, and third doesn’t work at all. Wish me luck and pray I don’t ruin the truck! 
I don’t recall if I mentioned it before, but the cargo container is here in Congo, but we have to wait for the Attestation d’Exoneration before we can bring it to Impfondo. The paperwork is coming together, but one important set of documents requires the signature of a man who is currently in France, and no one knows when he returns. Please be praying he returns soon, signs the papers, and the rest of the paperwork goes smoothly so we can get the container here soon. There is quite a bit of needed medical equipment on the container. 

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Abby and Rimas said...

You might want to ask David how he "makes" his own coffee . . . have you ever heard of Kopi Luwak?

I wish you could come visit us here. We could sit and chat with your for hours! Hope everyone there realizes how fortunate they are to have such a comedian with them!