Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jungle Walk

One of our guides-Albert

Claire and Karen leading the way through the forrest

Can't go over it, can't go under it, gotta go through it...

Our two guides picking some leaves to sell in the market-it's the thinner vine leaves they are picking.

Cutting the vine to get the water out
Me drinking some of the water
Christine hanging from the vine-the guide pulled himself up the vine to her left-about the height of the top of the photo.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a jungle walk with several other missionaries and two pygmies as our guides. It was fantastic. The forrest was much cooler under the canopy of tree limbs than out in the open sun. We are fortunate to have gone at the beginning of rainy season, as there were several areas we used as paths that will be under several feet of water come end of rainy season. Our guides stopped at various points along the way to show or talk about certain plants. For example, there is one plant they will eat the leaves if they have a stomachache. Another that is good for getting rid of worms (but only eat a little bit because it's very strong!) There were several they use for poison on their arrow tips when hunting animals or fish. There is one that you can crush up and throw into water and it will kill all the fish within seconds. Then you can scoop them up with your net, and have them to eat or sell. There was a type of vine that grows there that when you cut it open, there is water inside you can drink! It tasted pretty good! Our guides also demonstrated calls for attracting crocodiles, monkeys, and antelope. All of these they kill to eat or take to market. We didn't see any of these animals after they called for them; it was too late in the morning and we weren't deep enough in the forrest. On our way back we passed this fantastic vine and some of us couldn't resist swinging on it. Christine was able to pull herself up to a seated position on the vine! We thought we were doing pretty good until one of our guides jumped on and pulled himself up the vine  several feet above our heads, with just his hands!
Karen between two termite mounds


annettedkf said...

Good to read and see some pictures of your jungle walk. You see so many new and different things that God made in this world. Are the fish the kill with the poison leaves safe to eat??? Must be safe enough or they would not continue using this method.
Love Mom

Laura Foudy said...

oh, you would think that would stop them...apparently if you avoid cutting the stomach or something when gutting the fish, they are still safe to eat.

Kristin said...

I was wondering that, too! Also, loved the caption "can't go around it..." - brought me back to good ol' camp days.