Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photos of HELP! (Hôpital Evangelique Le Pionnier)

So I realized I haven't posted many photos of what things look like here. I finally took the time to post some photos here. Hope you all enjoy! It gives a little idea of what things are like. There are more photos I can post, but perhaps another day.
The toiletes-they build pit toiletes because the
patients didn't know how to use the flushing toilets.

The clothesline...I believe also a fruit tree.

Some of the kids of patients/visiters sitting in the shade.
Note the Colt's fan!

The courtyard of the BiBi Star.
One of the few restaurants in town.

Christine with one of the burn patients from the boat that exploded.
She was cooking on a kerosene cooker, with some tanks of gas nearby. The gas exploded, her cooker exploded, and she was severely burned.
She's made quite a bit of progress, but still has more to go before returning to her home in Central African Republic.

Hippotherapy with a boy who lost the lower part of his leg due to gangrene.
He has a ways to go, but we may be able to make a prosthesis for him out of
bamboo, plaster, and saw dust...

The daughter of one of our nurses trying to play frisbee.

Tortillas, Jempy (like Nutella), and Diet Coke. Such a treat!!

Our team on rounds. Karen was the chosen scribe because her
handwriting was most legible. 

Ginny (Chaplain) and Kyria (Physical therapist).
Also aunt and niece.

Me with Emma, one of the nurses. She keeps trying to teach me Lingala.
I'm a little slow at it. And a visual, not auditory, learner.
Appollinaire (one of the nurses) and I outside Salle de Consultation,
with a patient standing at the door to Salle de Triage

Me inside one of the containers here that we use for storage.
The right side is in the process of being sorted, the left side already sorted.

The building with the mural is the chapel.
It's a mural of the story of the men lowering the paraplegic through the roof to see Jesus.
It's the symbol for our hospital.

Me in surgery. I had just repaired a cervical and vaginal tear after a "normal vaginal delivery." 

Buildings from left to right-Pediatrie,
Medicine Men, Medicine Women's wards

Left-Post-Partum and "NICU"; Right, Maternity

One of the vehicles we use for transportation. I haven't learned to drive it yet.

"The Bloc"-Surgery (we have three operating rooms, two we really use, the third is mostly storage)

Me checking out one of the pediatric patients here...

Looking down from Surgery Men towards Surgery Mixed.
The folks at the end of the sidewalk are patients and visiters.

Looking from the back side of chapel (on left). The building on the right has
the Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, "ER", triage, and "ICU".

A better photo of the mural on the chapel wall.

Donkey-he does our hippotherapy with some of the patients.
I've seen quite a change in the demeanor of the patients after getting to
sit on his back or ride on him. He likes to bray glad he's here and
not at the mission!!! =)

Standing outside Surgery Women and looking at the backside of
Medicine wards. The tent is no longer used for anything but trapping
heat, which it does very well.

Patients and families sitting around making meals, eating, etc.
There are several places set up as shelters for families to make food
for the patients, as well as a place to wash clothes and clothes lines,
though the trees and grass work well for drying clothes too. There are several
places where the patients can obtain clean water as well.

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Carol said...

Thank you for your blog. It gives me such a better look at life there. The pictures were great. I know Stephen and he had a link to your blog.
God Bless,
Carol Fisher