Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lists and Lists of Lists

Two months to graduation from residency. Three months until Family Medicine Board Exams. Four months until family vacation. Five months until traveling to say goodbyes. Six months until leaving for French courses. Seven to eight months until arriving in Congo.

In the meantime there are a few things to be done...

Close on the house. -Praise God it sold in 6 weeks for the ASKING price. Amazing!
Move. Somewhere. Not sure exactly where yet, but one of several certain places.
Determine if I can work this summer. (Finding medical malpractice coverage for only 1-2 mos is a challenge)

Pack for four situations:
Winter (French courses may be in a winter climate)

Sort through belongings-divide between selling, donating, giving, and trashing.
Watch Psych supervision session videos so I can graduate.
Read, read, read. My Bible, innumerable books...too many to read.
Finish some projects-scrapbooks, photo albums, etc

All this in due time.
For now, my bed is calling.

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